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Villa Window

About Product

Our wide range of Villa windows has always been known for their style, security, and substance. At Unilex, we make sure to provide our esteemed customers with Villa windows that are truly unique without ever compromising on other essential features like ventilation and total protection against theft.

The design and development stages that our Villa windows go through make them suitable for all Indian conditions and for all types of homes. And when it comes to energy efficiency, our Villa windows score the highest.

Have our Villa windows installed at your place and see for yourself the impression they create on the residents and guests!

To make the Villa windows more efficient and secure, we provide them with iron grills, a bug screen, and a double sash. Also, as with casement windows, Villa windows are excellent in providing you insulation cover against heat and noise reduction features. The multi-locking system that has been provided in these windows will provide you additional security and prevent any kind of break-ins.

Unilex has in its collection, Villa windows in different designs, textures, and colors. All of these windows have been specifically designed and made to match your comfort and style!


  • Protection from harsh and unpredictable external elements like pollution, rain, and dust
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Energy efficient
  • Factory fitted and pre-fabricated windows to ensure consistency and quality
  • Protection from theft, mosquitoes, and insects
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Total security through a multi-point locking system
  • Easy installation of bug screen/mesh
  • Secure and sturdy design
  • Reduced noise infiltration and heat loss