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Sliding Door

About Product

The functional features of sliding doors are unique. And when these doors are provided with some customized features, they gain additional value. At Unilex, we provide sliding doors to you that are not just high on performance, but aesthetically add value to your place. Whether you wish to have these doors installed at your company or private home, you can be sure of them contributing to your status symbol!

As the name suggests, sliding doors are the ones that can be slid horizontally on tracks, either to the left or right. Typically, these doors include two or more sashes. Also, depending on your requirements, these doors can be made taller or wide with the increase in the number of sashes. Our sliding door options are perfect for those that are looking for something that can be moved around quietly and in an effortless way. These doors are also perfect when you’re looking for door options that are secure, cost-effective, luxurious, and high on performance.

In choosing Unilex for your sliding door needs, be rest assured of getting lots of choices. Also, we guarantee you that whichever option you select, a dramatic feel to your place is created instantly.

Unilex sliding doors are flexible and are compatible with different kinds of hardware. It is this feature that lets you mix and match different accessories to match your unique project requirements.


  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent surrounding views
  • Less space is required for opening the doors
  • Allows natural light to pass through
  • Outstanding external and internal correction
  • Extremely versatile and customizable
  • Can withstand hard external elements
  • Enhanced security through a multi-point locking system
  • Availability in different designs and colors