Unilex India

Slide & Fold Door

About Product

Unilex’s Slide & Fold doors are what you need to consider if you haven’t found sliding and hinged patio doors to your liking. With our Slide & Fold doors, you can easily acentuate your place. This is made possible because of a slide-fold door that has multiple panels. When these panels are opened to their capacity, they’ll be as large as a door frame.

Our stylish and elegant Slide & Fold doors will instantly create a modern look for your place, besides providing you excellent ventilation options and help you save on space. Therefore, if you’re constrained with space and want a door option that can do the trick for you, then Slide & Fold doors from Unilex is the solution! These doors are easy on maintenance and can easily slide in.

For every homeowner, UPVC Slide & Floor doors from Unilex are an ideal choice as they provide lots of benefits. These doors are corrosion resistant as well as durable. Furthermore, they can be cleaned using detergent and water. Also, as these doors are made of UPVC, they do not get rotted like wood. And for those looking at doors to protect them from harsh weather conditions, snow, or rainwater, our Slide & Fold doors are just perfect!

Advantages with Slide & Fold Doors

  • Low maintenance
  • The operation is smooth and hassle-free
  • Additional security features through a multi-point locking system
  • Expansive openings are possible
  • Provides acoustic insulation and thermal properties
  • Requires less space and can be easily folded
  • Available in a wide range of designs and colors
  • Durable
  • Excellent aesthetic properties