Unilex India

Lift & Slide Window

About Product

Lift & Slide Window from Unilex are a popular choice for thousands of homeowners as they enable open up your living space to huge expanses of your outWindow using a few turns of a handle. These Window are an ideal option for your place, especially if you’re constrained with space. Besides helping you save on lots of space, these Window are high on functionality and style. They operate smoothly and easily grant you unobstructed views from different angles.

The expansive glass panes that come with our Lift & Slide Window are of superior quality and are devoid of dividers. You need very little effort in operating these Window and as such, they’re easy to maintain.

The design and make of Lift & Slide Window are quite similar to the sliding Window of vans and cars. The Window panels need to be lifted from their position and glided back and forth on rollers that are provided at the bottom side. In the closed position, weather seals of Lift & Slide Window are engaged in compression. When you turn the Window handle with a 180-degree angle, the Window gets unlocked. During this while, the wheels get engaged and are lifted up slightly to facilitate their sliding movement on the rollers with little effort.

At Unilex, our Lift & Slide Window experts have put their engineering precision to work to ensure you get a product that is easy to operate and gives you all possible solutions you’ve been looking in it.


  • Your living space will get a wider and spacious look
  • Window are stylish and contemporary
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Provides incredible and unobstructed outside views
  • Energy saving capability
  • Usage of heavy duty rollers to ensure the operation is smooth and hassle-free