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French Window

About Product

Unilex’s French windows are truly one-of-a-kind. These inward opening windows can be single or double opening ones and are hinged at the side. They also have the unique ability to tilt. Typically, these windows are provided with a handle on the inside giving you an additional security feature to your home.

While the French windows can be designed and built using a single plain glass section, you can even give them a classic look by having a number of small glazed panels. To get the best out of these windows, consider having the uPVC versions with reinforced frames. When French windows are developed using these materials, you’re removing the possibility of certain issues like contraction and expansion that are usually faced with wooden windows.

At Unilex, we believe in giving our customers lots of choices. This is exactly why our French windows can be ordered using different features. For example, you can order them with multi-point locks for additional security. They’re also available in different wood-effect finishes and color combinations. If you wish to have larger windows, consider adding top and side panels.

Why should you choose our French window?

  • Our French windows are as versatile as they come. If your place has some great outdoors, then these windows will certainly help capture them beautifully. With this window installed at your place, you can easily control the amount of fresh air passing through your place.
  • French windows help save on bills and increased energy efficiency. They’re perfect for letting natural light flow into your home. Furthermore, they help increase air retention. This is one feature that can come in handy during summers. This way you can also save on electricity bills as otherwise, you could end up using lots of air conditioning or fans.
  • Another benefit in having our French windows is that they add elegance and beauty to your place. If you have a garden at your place, then these windows will make their viewing truly incredible every day!