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French Door

About Product

There is a particular image that comes to your mind, whenever you think of French doors. Among other things, what you envision is a large glass pane that is sectioned into several smaller panels to give it a different but elegant look. These smaller panels are usually called as divided lites or window grids. There is much more to a French door that merely serving as an entry or exit point. In fact, these doors give you an opportunity to allow natural light to pass through your place and add sheer beauty to the whole area!

The best part about French doors is that they’re designed to provide great ventilation and make a dramatic statement. Furthermore, they’re designed to open out onto a patio or into a room. At Unilex, we make sure to provide you French doors whose styles will match any of your home styles.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider French doors for your place:

  • If you’re looking for a door option that will allow you to access exterior or patio easily, then French door is highly suitable. Unilex’s French doors are a perfect option for those looking forward to summer days. Through these doors, it is possible to bring outdoors inside and enjoy the same!
  • For those looking to add a dramatic look to your place, our French door is perfect. With such a door style installed at your place, it becomes easier to interconnect your outdoor and indoor living spaces.
  • Besides being aesthetically beautiful, French doors are extremely functional.
  • As French doors are largely made of glass, they’re suitable for bringing in a copious amount of natural light into your space. This means our French doors are energy efficient and will help you save electricity bills.
  • French doors can also be considered as a valuable investment. Just fit in these doors into your space and see the potential value of your home skyrocketing in the years to come!