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Combination Window

About Product

Combination windows are the ones that come with interchangeable or removable glass and screen sections that make them suitable for both winter and summer use. At Unilex, we give you, our valuable customers, to select from a wide range of Combination windows. Whatever design and size you need, we are able to provide you that and more.

Combination windows are developed by integrating two windows of the same type or by integrating fixed, casement, and sliding windows. The unique thing with these windows is that a number of window types are used in developing them into one integrated, strong, and attractive window frame. Our Combination windows are ideal for homeowners that are looking for ventilation in their master bedrooms, dining room, and large living rooms. Combination windows from Unilex also serve as an ideal option for providing you an unobstructed view of outside, as well as helping you prevent dangerous break-ins.

One of the important structural components our Combination windows use is the reinforcement bars. Whether it is the horizontal joints or vertical connections, these bars serve an important role of evenly distributing the weight. Thanks to these bars, the windows are placed securely. At Unilex, we grant you full freedom in choosing the window combinations and reinforcement types that will enable us to meet your needs.


  • Reinforced frames of steel for increased strength
  • Available in different color combinations and glass panels
  • Can withstand high-speed winds, thanks to Hurricane bars
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes
  • Effective in keeping out pollution, heat, dust, and noise
  • Provision of bug mesh to protect you from insects
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable and excellent aesthetics