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Casement Window

About Product

If bountiful breezes and incredibly big views are high on your agenda, a casement window would be perfect for your place! This magnificent window option, when cranked open, will provide you with top-to-bottom ventilation, uninterrupted and expansive ventilation. And to go along with all these features, these window masterpieces are energy efficient and as beautiful as they come.

Just like a door, casement windows can be opened outward or inward as they’re hinged at the side. What’s more, they look like a picture window in the absence of rail. In this regard, they’re totally different from sliding or double hung windows.

Depending on your choice of casement window opening, you can have security grills installed either inside or outside. You need to make sure that, irrespective of the choice you make, it is easier to open the window and clean it from both sides.

Unilex casement windows are a perfect choice when you’re considering proper ventilation and maximizing your room’s view. You can easily have them installed over counters, cabinets or any other place that needs a bit of reach for their opening. At Unilex, we provide you casement windows in different sizes and designs. Whether you’re looking for top hung, side hung, or any other type, our casement windows are made available to you in unique but efficient patterns possible.


  • Available in customized sizes
  • Absolute protection from external elements like dust, pollution, and noise
  • Available in a wide range of colors, hardware, and designs
  • Enhanced security through the multi-point locking system
  • Energy efficient and guarantees sound insulation
  • A proven universal system for opening doors outward or inward – a useful feature to have in many countries
  • Different glazing options for assured sound and thermal insulation
  • Corrosion and rust-free hardware options that are made using high-quality materials